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Atomizing Air Compressor

The PILLER A-Series Compressor

Turbine atomizing air compressor explained

PILLER Atomizing Air Compressors are small high pressure air compressors that are used on GE Gas Turbines fired by liquid or dual fuels. These compressors take a small amount air off the final stage of the gas turbine air compressor section and then boost that air to a higher pressure. This higher pressure air is fed back to the liquid fuel nozzles to provide for more complete and efficient combustion.

The PILLER A-Series compressor
The A-series compressor: Engineered and produced to the highest standards.
Replacement parts, which also fit the Atlas Copco SCF-6.
Five-axis milled impeller

Over the years GE has equipped the turbines with either a Turbonetics SC-6AA or Atlas Copco SCF-6 Compressor.

The PILLER A-Series compressor is a proven drop in replacement for those compressors, having successfully replaced more than 50 of the OEM supplied units.


Benefits of the PILLER Atomizing Air Compressor

A rebuild compressor for GE Gas Turbines

Our Atomizing Air Compressors are specifically developed to replace the original equipment Atomizing Air Compressors – in form, fit and function. The PILLER A-Series compressors are manufactured with the highest quality components and are expertly assembled in our Schenectady, NY facility. We deliver a complete, new, and tested compressor ready to drop in and install and will rebuild your existing compressor to as new condition and performance.

Highest Quality standards

  • All New A-Series Compressors and PILLER Parts are built to the highest design standards and highest PILLER Quality for promised durability and longevity
  • constant availability and short delivery times, resulting in less expensive downtimes
  • most common A-Series parts in stock
  • can be quickly installed with support of PILLER service team – by phone or on site
  • affordable solution: better price than OEMs

Atomizing Air Compressor performance data

There are as many as 20 different performance variations of the PILLER A-Series compressor that are obtained by varying the impeller and shroud geometries. Please find in the adjoining list the most common Atomizing Air Compressors cross referencing the OEM part numbers.

Drop-In replacement for GE gas turbines

PILLER A-Series compressors are a drop-in replacement for Turbonetics or Atlas Copco SCF-6 compressors. A real alternative to the original equipped compressors: Only the highest quality parts are used, the impellers are 5-axis milled from aircraft quality precipitation hardened stainless steel, gearing is made to AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) Q-13 quality and the inlet shrouds are CNC machined to match the impeller profile. 

New A-Series Atomizing Air Compressors and PILLER Rebuilds of SC-6AA and SCF-6 compressors utilize the same precision high speed tilting pad journal bearing designed to ensure rotordynamic stability at compressor speeds in excess of 50100 rpm.

PILLER Comp. Model Original Assembly No.GE P/N
PILLER A-136806993G07302A1537P005
PILLER A-136 302A1537P005
PILLER A-110A806993G08302A1537P004
PILLER A-110B 302A1537P006
PILLER A-164A806993G06302A1537P001
PILLER A-164B 302A1537P10
PILLER A-164C806993G17302A1537P12
PILLER A-124806993G10302A1537P009
PILLER A-124B806993G16302A1537P11
PILLER A-133806993G15302A1537P007

Gas Turbine support

Efficiency, maintenance costs and machine availability are among the most important concerns when operating gas turbine plants. 

With PILLER, you have the expert at your side. Besides developing our own A-Series Atomizing Air Compressor, we offer spare parts, service and shop repairs and overhauls.

Typical Scope of Repair

Atomizing Air Compressors sent to PILLER’s workshop in Schenectady, NY, for rebuild receive:

  • Complete inspection with tear down report and repair quotation
  • NDT Inspection of critical high-speed rotor and gears
  • Wear part replacement: Bearings, Seals and Gaskets
  • Balance of rotors
  • Expert shop assembly
  • Full mechanical and performance testing to ensure ‘Plug & Run’ reliability

Learn more about the PILLER Atomizing Air Compressor

Further detailed information can be found in our product sheet on the Atomizing Air Compressor:

Product Data Sheet:

PILLER A-Series Atomizing Air Compressor

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