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The PILLER VapoFlex

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100 % customized to individual needs


Evaporator systems and MVR blowers are used in a wide variety of industries with many different applications. Although the basic principles of mechanical vapor (re-)compression (MVR/MVC) applications are similar, the process specifications and conditions can vary significantly. This is why PILLER MVR Blowers are customized to meet the specific requirements of your individual application. 
Through a combination of over 100 years of experience and a strong focus on continuous technological improvements, PILLER produces state-of-the-art centrifugal blowers. PILLER offers a solution for the harshest, most corrosive and complex environments.


As the key element of the evaporator system, the PILLER MVR Blower is an essential contributor to the stability, efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness of the process. Our family of high efficiency, high performance impellers are the key to significant reduction in operating costs as well as long equipment life and reliability.

Benefits of Customized MVR Blowers

The PILLER VapoFlex - for every process

Our MVR Blowers achieve a pressure increase of up to 45 kPa per stage at volume flows of 10 - 200 m3/s with an efficiency of up to 87%, depending on process conditions. 

Using a wide range of high-grade stainless and higher alloy steels: from Duplex to Super Duplex to Precipitation Hardened and Super Austenitic Stainless Steels, to Nickel and Titanium Alloy Steels.

PILLER MVR Blowers guarantee smooth and reliable long-term operation for more than 25 years. Through the variety of over 150 different high-efficiency impellers in single or multi-stage setups, our MVR Blowers are a perfect match for any evaporation process.

Specifically designed blower for easy system integration

PILLER manufactures high-quality blowers for mechanical vapor (re-)compression processes, meeting the requirements of every unique evaporator system. We design your individual Blower in close cooperation with your process designers and system operators.


Special features:

  • Impeller geometries are optimized for the best possible aerodynamic load and efficiency
  • Casings: Designed for full vacuum to up to 5 bara pressures per European Pressure Vessel Directive 
  • Low-wear floating carbon ring labyrinth seals guarantee cost effective low shaft leakages.
  • Our patented Squeeze Oil Damper Bearing combines the mechanical simplicity and cost effectiveness of anti-friction bearings with the performance of hydrodynamic bearings
  • Inlet water injection keeps the steam at saturation temperature (de-superheating) and provides cleaning in process
  • Multiple blowers in series for higher pressure rise
  • Suitable for conditions in corrosive, abrasive or erosive environments
  • Simple monitoring of critical operating conditions guarantees reliable performance and early warnings.

Maximum blower efficiency

PILLER is continuously developing its blowers and has been able to maintain its position as technology leader over many years. The customer-specific solutions are perfectly designed and manufactured to suit the most diverse applications for MVR blowers. Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) along with extensive empirical testing provide for continuous optimization of the performance and efficiency of our blowers – up to the performance limits of the selected materials.

Every component is designed or selected to support performance and ease of assembly and maintenance. 

Performance data of customized MVR Blowers

The widely used method of steam (re-)compression is regarded as a reliable and effective measure for energy and CO2 savings by reducing steam consumption. 

Our experienced experts can customize solutions for even the most complicated and demanding application or process.


PILLER MVR Blower are successfully used in many different applications, processes and industries:

  • Distillation
  • Crystallization
  • High Concentration 
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) 
  • Drying 

  • Wastewater reduction
  • Clean water for injection (Pharmaceutical)
  • Pulp and Paper (Black liquor)
  • Dairy industry (Milk powder)
  • Seawater desalination
Blower Performance 
Volume flows200 m3/s
Pressure increaseup to 45 kPa/stage
Temperature increaseup to 11 deg C/stage

The correct sizing of a MVR blower depends on various process conditions which require appropriate consideration: 

  • Mass Flow
  • Inlet Saturation Temperature
  • Saturation Temperature Rise
  • Product Carryover
  • Additional components in the steam, solids, chlorides, mixture of other gases 

Our PILLER sales and engineering teams support you in finding the perfect balance of minimizing investment costs and increasing energy efficiency.

With over 150 different high-performance impeller types, a wide range of high-grade stainless steels and higher alloyed steels and the possibility of single stage or multi-stage layouts, the PILLER MVR Blower can be customized as the perfect fit for every evaporator system or application. 

PILLER Blower Design

Our MVR Blowers are equipped with some special features, like:

  • Skid mounted system
    • Bolt it down, plug it in, and go 
  • High-efficiency impeller 
    • single stage temperature rises up to 11deg C
    • Stage efficiencies of up to 87 percent
  • Squeeze Oil Damper 
    • simplicity of anti-friction bearings combined with the performance and reliability of hydrodynamic bearings
  • Small size Lube Oil Unit
    • Small and simple design for optimum lubrication
    • No need for expensive special purpose lube oil systems and run down tanks
  • Robust and intelligent design        
    • Long lifetime; more than 25 years
    • Wide operating range

Find out more details on our high-quality blower components. All units, such as impeller, casing, motor, etc. and materials are precisely custom selected according to your process, your product and your individual requirements.

PILLER MVR BlowerMain Features
Rated power 40 - 6000 kW
Impeller size640 - 2800 mm
Casing material1.4301, 1.4404 and more
Impeller material    Duplex 1.4462, SuperDuplex 1.4501
Bearing systemAntifriction with squeeze oil damper
Shaft sealingFloating Carbon Ring Labyrinth
CouplingTorsion stiff metallic

More Information about the PILLER VapoFlex

Further detailed information can be found in our comprehensive product sheet on the PILLER VapoFlex:

PILLER VapoFlex: Engineered-to-order

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