PILLER managing directors accepted into the Senate of Economy

Friday, 15. March 2024

PILLER managing directors accepted into the Senate of Economy

At a ceremony in December in Munich, our managing directors Christoph Böhnisch and Stephan Merkel were accepted into the circle of senators of the Senate of Economy.

Senate of Economy

As an association, the Senate of Economy is a think tank at national, European and international levels. The Senate brings together people who are aware of their national and international responsibility towards the state, society, the environment and culture. In addition, they feel committed to the idea of the European Union, free trade and the common currency, the euro. They work together to implement the Senate's goals, which are based on the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDG).

The members include board members of large companies and international corporations, board members, managing directors and owners of family businesses that are among the leading companies in the country or region in their industry. In addition, there are also representatives from politics, authorities, diplomacy, associations, sport and culture as well as scientists among the senators. Appointments are made on a proposal basis by politicians, members of the presidium, board and senate.
The Senate's goals include, among other things, the promotion of a global eco-social market economy, ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and compliance in business, politics and society, as well as support in solving important future questions in topics oriented towards the common good, e.g.: climate justice, the financial system, sustainability and social change, energy transition and digitalization.

The Senate is committed to climate and environmental protection and to sustainable resource protection as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions and environmentally friendly technologies.  “This is exactly where we fit very well into the profile of the Senate of Economy,” emphasizes our managing director Christoph Böhnisch. “With our high-performance blowers and compressors, which we have developed specifically for mechanical vapor compression (MVR) and vapor recovery processes, we make the transformation to resource-saving, sustainable production possible. Up to 75 percent reduced energy requirements and CO2 savings of 60 percent in the processes have already been proven.”

Another shared goal for PILLER lies in the Senate of Economy commitment to political participation, social commitment and the recognition of the social responsibility of companies and entrepreneurs. “We also see the taking of responsibility and social commitment by companies as an important building block of social coexistence,” explains Stephan Merkel, who runs the business at PILLER with Christoph Böhnisch. “We donate to clubs, institutions such as kindergartens and daycare centers or other charitable initiatives in the region.”
Both agree that being appointed to the circle of senators is something special and at the same time an incentive to continue to get involved. “We can identify with the Senate’s entire program and initiatives and will be actively involved.”

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