The Best Patent in 2015

Friday, 17. July 2015

The Best Patent in 2015

Sunteco Limited was awarded the prestigious prize for the Best Patent in 2015!

Sunteco Limited was awarded the prestigious prize for the Best Patent in 2015!

Sunteco was established 2013 as a joint venture with Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH.

Sunteco’s  efforts focus on designing waste heat recovery equipment systems using MVR technology with the high-performance turbo blowers  made by Piller.

MVR stands for Mechanical Vapor Recompression. It compresses low-temperature and low-pressure waste heat into high-temperature and high-pressure heat and reuses it in the progress of production. 

Sunteco’s patented invention is a distillation system that uses the overhead vapor’s condensed latent heat to recycle the vapor. Heat which is emitted from the overhead vapor due to the low boiling point of the water creates more vapor through exchanging heat with a condensation evaporator. Then the system uses the vapor as a heat source for the distillation system after going through the adiabatic compression process. 

Sunteco commercialized this patent in the basic engineering package (bep) and made customers’ ROI period shorter with a maximum of two years. Sunteco supplied them  so far to Capro, SK petrochemical, Kumho-Petrochemical, Kumho Polycam and other related companies. Sunteco has applied for four international PCT and five local patents. 

Sunteco is also about to enter overseas markets, including Taiwan, Spain, and others as a joint venture company


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