PILLER with a new location in Australia

Tuesday, 20. June 2023

PILLER with a new location in Australia

Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH continues to expand its global presence with the founding of the subsidiary Piller Blowers & Compressors Australia Pty Ltd. From the newly opened location in Brisbane, business with customers in Australia and Oceania is to be systematically expanded. General manager on site is the longstanding and experienced employee Jan Hemmerich.

“In line with our vision to be the global leader in resource and energy efficient vapor recovery solutions, our strategy is to open up promising new markets for us. We want to be close to our customers," explains Christoph Böhnisch, who runs the PILLER business together with Stephan Merkel. "That's why we founded the subsidiary Piller Blowers & Compressors Australia Pty Ltd. in Australia and opened another PILLER location in Brisbane in the state of Queensland". 

The basis for the decision was, among other things, the projects that PILLER won in the dairy industry in New Zealand and at a large food manufacturer and an aluminum group in Australia with the support of its own team in Singapore. "Projects like this are getting a lot of media attention right now because the state supports such projects with grants and there is a strong focus on reducing CO2 emissions throughout the Australia and Oceania region," adds Jan Hemmerich, who is General Manager for PILLER location in Brisbane to set up and expand the business. "This is exactly where we can make a major contribution with our industrial heat pump technology." Last but not least, the foreseeable growth of the dairy industry in New Zealand is a reason for the choice of location. PILLER has great expertise in the dairy industry: As early as the early 1980s, PILLER was the first manufacturer to introduce centrifugal blowers for mechanical vapor compression (MVR) in the industry. 

Effective immediately, Jan Hemmerich will process the already noticeable increase in the number of inquiries as the local technical contact even faster than before and continue to develop business in the region in the long term. "The expansion of our global service capacities with a team for Australia and Oceania is also on my medium-term plan in order to offer even better response times in the region," says Jan Hemmerich. "First talks with suitable candidates will take place soon." However, Jan Hemmerich will not only be looking for employees for service, but will also build up a powerful team for PILLER in Australia.  

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