Piller Global India opens Tech Center in Pune

Tuesday, 16. August 2022

Piller Global India opens Tech Center in Pune

Piller Global India, a subsidiary of Piller Blowers & Compressors, opened a new Tech Center in Pune in July. In the modern building with a large glass front offices for service technicians and a workshop are located. But above all, it is used as an exhibition, events, and training space. As a point of contact for customers, it will play an important role in the implementation of growth plans in India.

After only five months of construction, Piller Global India PVT Ltd., a subsidiary of Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH, officially opened an approximately 470 square meter Tech Center in Pune in mid-July. "Since the company was founded in 2016, we have achieved continuous growth and gained access to the market, for example in the food industry and wastewater treatment," says Vimal Kalaria, Managing Director of Piller Global India. "In order to consolidate our position in the market and continue to grow, we have now created the Tech Center, a place for our customers to see and touch our products." At a VapoFan set up there, Vimal Kalaria and the other Indian colleagues can vividly explain how PILLER products work and what they do. But the Tech Center is not only used as a showroom: it also houses offices for service technicians, a workshop and offers space for events and training. The modern building with a large glass front was inaugurated with a traditional Hindu puja, a ceremony widespread in everyday life to honor the gods.


PILLER Managing Director Christoph Böhnisch, who was a guest at the opening ceremony in Pune, also sees growth opportunities in India. "The largest market for us at the moment is still ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), which is the last purification stage for cleaning industrial wastewater," he explains. Bioethanol production is another area with growth potential. "We are also supplying a first VapoFan polished on the inside to the pharmaceutical industry, which will be used in a process that produces high-purity water for injections. From our point of view, follow-up orders are also likely in this industry." Christoph Böhnisch and Vimal Kalaria jointly expect an order intake of at least four and a half million Euros this year and more than five and a half million Euros the following year to be realistic. "We are sure that the investment will pay off and the Tech Center will help us to expand our market share," emphasizes Vimal Kalaria. "We were able to sell three VapoFans right after the opening." In the future, three to five of the machines will be stocked on an ongoing basis to enable fast deliveries.


"For me, the Tech Center is a cogent concept that our Indian colleagues have convincingly implemented. It will help us to demonstrate our capabilities as a company and that of our products in the Indian market even more visibly than before," Christoph Böhnisch is convinced.

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