Blower Design


Inlet guide vane (IGV)

The inlet guide vane controls the operation by varying the stream into the blower. Usually electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator are used.


There are over 2.500 different types and sizes for all kinds of applications; in any weldable metal, also with coating. Diameter from 400–2.800 mm, up to 1.000.000 m³/h and 60 kPa pressure rise.


We manufacture casings exclusively as a welded construction, spiral casing with rectangular body shape. Optionally corrosion and/or pressure resistant and suitable for extreme temperature.


The motor drives the blower. Electrical motor, steam turbines or combustion engines can be used. PILLER picks always the best and most efficient for the customer.


The coupling connects the drive with the impeller of a blower. PILLER uses only couplings from renowned suppliers such as Siemens Flender, John Crane Metastream, who can give global support.

Shaft Seal

The shaft seal minimizes the leakage in the shaft tunnel. Depending on the application different types of shaft seals are recommended. From felt rings or packing gland over floating carbon rings to dry gas seals.


The bearing has to carry the full load of the impeller weight. For an efficient and smooth operation, depending on customer demand or application, either anti-friction or fluid film bearings are used. PILLER’s patented squeeze oil damper bearing combines the advantages of both types.

Lube oil unit (LOU)

Standardized or customized high-quality lube oil units guarantee optimum lubrication. Specific customer requirements can be realized by PILLER at any time.

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Click on one of the JPG files, and you can view the PILLER blower with its individual components in different views "under the microscope".All units, such as impeller, casing, motor, etc. are precisely custom-designed according to your process, your media and your individual requirements.