Materials & Coatings

Rubber coatings
Wear plates
Electropolished stainless steel
Ruby Red®


The use of our blowers and compressors in the different industrial processes makes high demands on surfaces.

Depending on your needs, we recommend different coating solutions for individual requirements.

Surface finishes/coatings are used for:

Corrosion Protection

Depending on the medium and temperature, different coatings are used, such as rubber coatings, synthetic fluoride coatings, or carbon fiber reinforced plastic coatings. 

Reduction of adhesion

Surface treatments such as electropolishing, vibratory grinding or even a synthetic fluoride coating are used to avoid imbalances caused by adhesion of the medium. Smooth surfaces are also required in the food and medical equipment industry in order to avoid contamination in the surface structure.

Wear Protection

The easiest wear-protection measure is to increase the thickness. If this is insufficient to achieve acceptable service lives, either the base material of the component is coated or wear plates, which can also be coated, are used. Influencing factors such as particle size, flow rate or chemical attack of the material define the type of coating and therefore the processing method, such as the flame-spray method, arc spraying processes, build-up welding or plasma-powder overlay welding.

Increased Rigidity

Strength blasting can be used for impellers subject to high stress loads in order to reduce the peak voltages in the impeller.

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