Heat Treatment Process

Powerful hot-gas circulators from PILLER significantly improve the heat flow in thermoprocessing equipment, thereby resulting in smooth, energy-efficient heat distribution. Heat exchange is fast and constant.

The precise and reliably controlled heat treatment processes contribute to a high efficiency of industrial furnaces.

The special process requirements are thereby dictated by the high-temperature range between  800 °C and 1.200 °C, and make exceptional materials and configurations necessary.

The Heat Treatment Process

Hot-gas circulators are integral components of thermoprocessing equipment. They are used to improve the convective heat transfer, thereby contributing to an even distribution of the energy input. Hot-gas circulators ensure even temperature distribution in thermoprocessing equipment.

Areas of Application

Thermoprocessing equipment is used for heat treatment processes in many branches of industry, for example in the steel, aluminum, glass, and ceramics industries. Furnace types equipped with PILLER hot-gas circulators include conveyor furnaces, batch ovens, floatation furnaces, aging furnaces, pit furnaces, high convection furnaces, pusher furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, and walking beam furnaces; and the hot-gas circulators are also used in many drying plants.

The Hot-Gas Circulator

Impeller design for high-temperature applications up to 1.200 °C. Using our special impellers, circumferential speeds of over 40 m/s can still be achieved at temperatures of 1.000 °C.

Materials (e.g. Inconel 617) for the high-temperature range are used here.

In addition, other special materials are available, such as 1.4835 (Avesta 253 MA) or Inconel 602 CA, adjusted to the different atmospheric conditions of the furnace.

Additional Processes

PILLER video – Insight into the production process

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