PILLER Hot-Gas Circulators


Adherence to the furnace roof or wall is generally by a flange connection. The special plug-in design variant can quickly and easily be assembled by the customer himself. An insulation casing designed for the high furnace temperatures reduces the heat losses, protects the bearing and drive unit even under high temperatures, and also serves as a platform for the motor and bearing.

Shaft Seals

For instance, the labyrinth shaft seal with carbon rings in a gas-tight version is available here for special applications if a separation between the furnace and the surrounding area is required.

Insulation Materials

To reduce heat transfer in the outer components, and thereby minimize heat losses, an efficient insulation system is essential. High-quality and environmentally-friendly materials are used here.

Drive Types

Available drive types are: The R-variant (belt drive) and the M-variant (direct drive, impeller mounted on motor shaft). Of course, other drive types are available on request.

PILLER Hot-gas circulator

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