Products & Applications

Mechanical Vapor Recompression Blower (MVR blower)
Mechanical Vapor Recompression Blower (MVR blower)
Regeneration Blower
Regeneration Cooler Blower
Fines removal Blower
Steam Jacket Blower
Hot-gas circulation fan
Squeeze oil damper bearing
Buffer Gas Control
Squeeze Oil Damper Bearing

For good reason, PILLER counts among the international technology leaders for high-performance blowers and compressors.

Thanks to our experienced engineers and technicians, we offer process engineering expertise at the highest level. Our comprehensive service portfolio and our expert knowledge cover a wide range of applications, as well as individual, customer-specific solutions in almost every design. The top-quality products from PILLER are designed for various processes and the various sectors of the process industry.

PILLER video – Insight into the production process

Play the video and gain an insight into our production! What workstations are there? Which high-end machines are used? How is work carried out and in which way is quality ensured?