Cutting machine operator

Cutting machine operators manufacture precision tools for machines and systems used in machining technology. For example they turn, cut, drill or grind components on conventional or CNC machine tools. During tool manufacture they must really get into the detail of the individual component designs and create appropriate materials, machines and testing equipment for them and create CNC programs or adapt existing ones. After setting up the machine they monitor the production process and test, secure and document the product quality. Their remit also includes the maintenance and servicing of the machines and tools.

The training for cutting machine operators covers four different areas: Automatic lathe systems, lathe machine systems, milling machine systems and grinding machine systems. At PILLER cutting machine operators are trained for lathe machine systems. 

Specific areas:     

Lathe systems

Length of training:     

3½ years, shortened to 3 years if appropriate

Training locations:     

Moringen and BBS II Northeim

Training at Piller:     

The first training year covers basic training elements at our training center which includes the metals foundation course, the basic course in cutting techniques and a CNC course. They also take basic courses in electrical engineering and welding.

The specialist vocational training then begins in the second training year during which trainees now work in metal cutting, process production orders and learn about the different metal cutting machines. The future cutting machine operators now spend three months in production and in quality control in order to gain an overview of our products. The training program also prepares the trainees intensively for parts 1 and 2 of the final examination.


The final examination is divided into two parts. Part 1 of the examination takes place after one and a half years and forms 40% of the total assessment. The second part of the examination at the end of the training accounts for 60%. Both examinations have a written and a practical section.

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Cutting machine operator

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Training at Piller

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