MVR blowers and compressors explained

PILLER Webinar for VapoLine

Looking for efficient blower or compressor technology for your MVR system?

PILLER offers reliable high-performance blowers and compressors for your MVR system. Our solutions stand for maximum efficiency and durability as well as cost-effective and easy commissioning.


The choice of our MVR product portfolio "VapoLine" ultimately depends on operating conditions, i.e. the mass flow, the temperature differential and compression ratio.


The PILLER VapoFan, VapoFlex and VapoMaxX generate outstanding single-stage performance, but these can also be combined into powerful multi-stage systems. Thus, higher temperature rises can be achieved, especially in vapor compression heat pump systems for waste heat recovery.


In our webinar you will learn why the PILLER VapoLine products are the optimal solution for your MVR system and offer an excellent chance to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.



Learn everything you need to know about the PILLER VapoLine in our Webinar.

Customized solutions
Operating range
CO2 reduction

The VapoLine Webinar – Training made by PILLER

Our PILLER VapoLine products offer the optimal solution for your process conditions and provide an opportunity to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.


Get detailed information in our VapoLine webinar about our solutions with application examples, operating ranges, maintenance instructions as well as possibilities for CO2 reduction of your plant.

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Looking for efficient blower or compressor technology for your MVR system?

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Thursday, 20. April 2023

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Dr. rer. nat. Steffen Kuberczyk

Global Sales Director


At PILLER, we ensure innovation and top product quality. We offer customized, efficient solutions.

PILLER Blowers & Compressors

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in the development and production of industrial blowers and compressors

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Our VapoLine product portfolio is specifically developed and designed for Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) applications.



PILLER was the first company to introduce centrifugal blowers for Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) in the 1980s. To find the perfect match for your process conditions, we will engage you with expert knowledge, competence, and experience.


We specialize in customized solutions, starting with the VapoFlex, our flagship product line. Our range of performance has grown considerably with the VapoFan covering lower mass flows and the VapoMaxX, extending our singlestage performance capability using compressor technology.


Designed to the last detail

Our in-house R&D is dedicated to continuous, cutting edge product development, such as the self-invented squeeze oil damper bearing systems. Consequently, our products are of exceptional quality standard and smart design.


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PILLER video – Insight into the production process

Play the video and gain an insight into our production! What workstations are there? Which high-end machines are used? How is work carried out and in which way is quality ensured?