The history of the company began in 1909. In Hamburg, company founder and namesake Anton Piller designed and produced blowers, generators and electric motors. After ten years, the engineer left the Hanseatic city and moved the company's headquarters to Osterode am Harz. The site of today's Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH in Moringen was opened 30 years later as a branch office, and was

commenced its own path as an independent company in 1996. With newly gained independence, and the commitment of the families Englund and Klostermann, the company was able to develop into a successful global player for high-performance blowers and compressors.

2001 - Nils Englund and Bernd Klostermann buy the company. Englund is Managing Director. As a result, the company underwent organizational and financial restructuring with the aim of growing profitably on a sustained basis.
2008 - Establishment of the subsidiary company Piller TSC Blower Corp. in Schenectady, New York, USA. The takeover of the business of our long-standing service partner in the United States marked the first step of our internationalization strategy.
2009 - Establishment of the subsidiary company PILLER SEA. With a presence in Singapore, business potential could be better pursued in the strategically important economic area ASEAN.
2011 - Establishment of the subsidiary company Piller BCS. This reflected the importance of the Chinese business, which developed exceptionally dynamically.
2011 - Opening of the training center in Moringen; total area 700m². Our trainees will be encouraged and supported here in their occupational training. The training center also hosts internal and external training courses.
2012 – PILLER expands its German location in Moringen. Construction of a three-story office building and a production hall with an area of 1,750 square meters.
2012 - Establishment of the PillAerator GmbH in Moringen. After the successful market entry of our self-developed turbo compressor with magnetic-bearing drive under the name "PillAerator", an independent company, the PillAerator GmbH, was established.
2013 - The company receives a new name: "Piller Industrieventilatoren GmbH" becomes "Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH".
2013 - Establishment of the joint venture Sunteco Limited in Korea. With the establishment of the joint venture SUNTECO, PILLER becomes a systems supplier in the field of the particularly energy-efficient method of vapor recovery.
2014 - Expansion of the crane capacity up to 30 t.
2015 - In the course of investment measures, construction of the new outdoor storage area in Moringen.

PILLER video – Insight into the production process

Play the video and gain an insight into our production! What workstations are there? Which high-end machines are used? How is work carried out and in which way is quality ensured?