PILLER has developed an additive manufacturing process (3D printing) for wheels

Thursday, 23. May 2024

PILLER has developed an additive manufacturing process (3D printing) for wheels

For the mass production of open impellers for the VapoFan product range, we have developed a 3D printing process with a project partner and applied for a patent. The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) has now published the corresponding patent specification (DE102022123029A1). Our development partner is the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research.

The new 3D printing process for impellers made of high-strength stainless steel has many advantages over conventional milling from solid material: In conventional production, impellers with a diameter of 560 mm and a final weight of 26 kg are milled from 440 kg of solid material. 94 percent of the material ends up as waste in this process. In additive manufacturing (3D printing processes) this is less than 40 percent. 

Combined with the lower energy consumption, the innovative process reduces the C02 footprint in production. Shorter delivery times increase flexibility in processing customer orders. The sensible second source also reduces our dependence in procurement.


The development of this innovative process—with which impellers are already manufactured—is also proof that we live up to our own standards. In our claim ALWAYS ADVANCING, we express that we are continually advancing things that are important to us: the quality and performance of our machines, our global service and the further development of our organization. We also continually put our processes to the test in order to optimize our use of resources and reduce energy consumption.

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